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Zeke Rodriguez It feels like a movie soundtrack and i love it Favorite track: mixin it up.
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released February 24, 2015


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ylayali Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: hat
alright, just fine, it fits nice, just maybe a little tight. get it off, feels stupid now, all covered in flakes that puff out and escape as i walk around. stupid hat rubbed my forehead wrong. its too hot in here anyway. going out again in a second.
Track Name: schenect
down the hill from the ambulance depot, always woo woo. fake chicken nuggets in a shitty burrito, and throw up. drink older brother beer and smash them outside, then watch videos. i know there's cracks in the walls and when i walk to the bathroom the ceiling falls in her oatmeal, as she's writing. it still meant a lot to me to be able to live for now with the bugs and my best friends.
Track Name: breakfast hotdog
something's up, not sure where i am, eating a hot dog for breakfast. i'd give 70 bucks to feel like there's somewhere i'm supposed to be. for now it's enough to go to bed at 9 and watch high school romantic comedies. right now.
Track Name: charles grodin
i would like to be made for something, the way charles grodin was born to play to target of a st bernard's slobbery antics. could be built for something else, just not as good at it. don't wanna be the lonely guy, squirting drunk art projects out of myself that i always thought i'd be. alone and somehow spread all the way out. could be built for whatever, whatever i've got going right now.
Track Name: mixin it up
you pick half and i'll fill in wherever. gotta ease up a bit, really none of this crap matters to me. except maybe this little piece of junk, stupid paper covered with stupid stuff. so grab 3/8 or 7/16 it's all good. i think i've got a pair of your socks in my dresser. that's cool i'm going to wear them too. spilled my water bottle under your bookshelf, used another towel to clean it up. mixin up the stuff.
Track Name: something about smelling
dirty fork in my backpack, accidentally brought my mom's bra to school, found it in spanish class, one end clipped to the top of my notebook. feelin too greasy, not doin too hot. feelin too flaky, not doin too hot. do i smell like my house smells, like the kid that smells like pasta, i bet her parents made a lot of spaghetti, just like my cats made a lot of piss on the floor. feelin too stinky, not doin too hot. feelin too smelly, not doing too hot.
Track Name: earlier
remember earlier when we were doing that stuff. across the room, i feel pretty lucky that this strange crazy pretty lady wants to be around me. and together, my hands stop tapping. a warm close place to feel comfortable, but also free to work harder.
Track Name: appler
driving home after the show at 3 am, kind of hope i don't fall asleep at the wheel and kill everybody. when we're close enough to familiar radio, talk stations are funny if i'm the only one awake. woops i might have closed my eyes there for a second, caught myself turned around and now everyone's awake. joking for a couple of minutes, with a borat voice or some other bullshit. bullshit in the big apple. bullshit in the big appler. bright lights in the big shitty. horseshit in the big apple. back now and i can't fall asleep, because of trying so hard to stay awake for the last 3 hours. later on have a couple of nice dreams, of hanging out and doing a lot of the same things. bullshit in the big apple.

ok. thats the end of that huh